New CD The Piano Gal Shop Sessions: Vol. 1 is available on Sunday June 12th!

In the Media: The Piano Gal brings mellowness to grunge

The Piano Gal Shop Sessions: Vol. 1

© Copyright – Marta Hansen / Marta Hansen (825576380628)

This album is a mellow, acoustic take on 90s alternative rock classics.

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Genre: Rock: 90’s Rock
Release Date: 2016
Track List:

  1. Everlong (feat. Kodey Feiner & Clarisse Tobia)
  2. Creep (feat. Kodey Feiner)
  3. Colorblind (feat. Dawn Gaylord)
  4. Black (feat. Clarisse Tobia)
  5. Hurt (feat. Kodey Feiner & Clarisse Tobia)
  6. Disarm (feat. Dawn Gaylord)
  7. Come as You Are (feat. Kodey Feiner & Clarisse Tobia)
  8. Fade into You (feat. Kodey Feiner & Clarisse Tobia)
  9. Tonight, Tonight

Album Notes: This album is a compilation of my favorite music, but with a very mellow “coffeehouse” spin on them. Everything is stripped down to acoustic arrangements that focus on the lyrics and the beauty of each song’s melodic lines.

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