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It occurred to me that I have not posted in…um…a long time. So much has been allowing me to procrastinate on writing a post. All good things. So, I guess I’ll start with the commission that I just finished. A piano bar. This project was great fun (well, they all are) because the piano belongs to the person I’m making the bar for. It holds sentimental value for her and that makes me feel even more awesome about giving new functional life to this particular piano. It’s an old upright piano (shocking, I know) that was in very rough shape. The exterior was repainted with an off white antiqued look. Now, for those of you that really know my work, you know that paint jobs for furniture are not really in my wheelhouse. The exterior of the piano bar was done by Krizia at Oak and Olive and the milk paint was provided by The Ironstone Nest. The interior was all me, of course.

I gutted the entire piano i.e. strings, pins, plate and lots of dirt and dust. The piano was then cleaned and cleaned some more. The client wanted the back sounboard to stay natural, so I just gave it a nice light stain and that’s it. Then, the inlays were given my usual brand of liquid epoxy, which leaves them looking like they’re filled with glass. Super cool. Underneath the poly was sheet music that was picked by my client. I painted the inlays black, then decoupaged the sheet music on. Then, thin layers of the epoxy were done every day for about 1 week. After that, the wine racks needed to be built. In order to accomplish sturdy wine racks that are made of wood, without having any hardware showing on the piano lid, I had to use very small nails and L brackets from the inside. I used large L shaped trim pieces and cut them to size. Then, I used the L brackets to secure them under the lid. This piano has 4 racks that fit 4-5 regular size glasses. So, overall, 16-20 glasses! Sweet! Finally, I installed an LED lighting strip under the lid and along the way around to the back. It gives an effect of the racks almost looking irredescent. The pictures really don’t do it justice. It’s so pretty!

I also used the front panel of the cabinet to whip up a wall piece that will go right above the bar in the client’s home. I used beveled mirrors from Michaels Crafts and 3 small pieces of sheet music that the client picked out.

So, now what am I up to? Well, there is really no rest for the weary. I’ve already been commissioned for another piece that I’m thrilled about! I will be making a floor resting bookcase out of a baby grand piano frame. I can’t wait to get started!!

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