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Piano Keys Framed Art Decor with 8 x 10 Black Frame and Vintage Sheet Music - Upcycled Piano Keys - Piano Art - Piano Decor

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The Piano Gal Shop specializes in upcycled piano and sheet music jewelry and decor, along with piano tuning and repair. We save the pianos that can be saved and the ones that are beyond their playable life become a multitude of functional products.

The Piano Keys Framed Art Decor is such a cool way to add flair to your wall, as well as show off your love of music. Since The Piano Gal Shop also specializes in piano tuning and repair, we have no shortage of piano keys from pianos that are past their playable life in our workshop. When taking apart a piano, we remove and clean every key. Then, we select 5 keys from an octave and cut off the exposed wood portion. Then, we use a heavy duty wood glue and clamp the 5 keys together for at least 24 hours. Once set, add sheet music to the inner part of the frame and use a modge podge to secure the keys inside the frame (again at least 24 hour dry time), and then seal it with a matte acrylic finish for a very polished look. There is a hook on the back for wall hanging, but this piece can also sit upright on a table, piano, or desk.

Dimensions: 8 x 10

Please note, that every piece we create comes from upcycled piano parts, so our materials are always one of a kind, yet uniform. There is no such thing as the exact same key each time. Please allow for slight variances, due to the upcycled and unique nature of our materials.

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