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Fake Flower Bouquet - Vinyl Record Rose Bouquet - Black Flowers - Rock N Roll Decor - Music Flowers - Recycled Vinyl Records

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Flowers don't get much more unique and creative than these Vinyl Blooms. The Piano Gal Shop creates these beautiful roses from old vinyl records. They are custom, made to order, upcycled flowers. Each pedal is cut from a vinyl record by heating one section of the record, cutting it to shape, and then reheating it to form to curves and bends of the pedal. This is a tricky process, as the vinyl cools and hardens within seconds. The stems of each flower are made from the thickest piano bass strings. These strings are found on the lowest notes of a piano and are made with thick, wound copper. After each pedal is shaped and formed around the stem, they are glued together. For a lovely touch, that accentuates each pedal, the tips are painted a color of your choosing. Every flower is a little different and shows different stages of a flower blooming.

This bouquet come with a dozen (12) Blooms.

These flowers are great for gifts, decor, bouquets for a wedding, prom corsages, centerpieces, and more!

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