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This latest custom repurposing project was by far and away the most sentimental project I’ve done thus far. It was really quite special. The Hammond Organ belonged to the Grandfather of the woman who commissioned the project. He was an avid musician and played often. The organ no longer worked, so I was asked if I could take the entire instrument apart and use the wood and pieces to re-assemble them into two custom tables. The table for her was to be painted black, utilize the organ legs, side panels, and have some of the keys. The second table was for her mother, the daughter of the organ’s original owner. She wanted her to stay in the wood tone and have 2 shelves, the top lid of the organ, as well as two of the smaller side panel pieces, and keys.
This was no easy task. Taking an organ apart and not destroying the individual pieces was the first feat that I had to overcome. Once that was complete, the pieces needed to be cleaned and I had to figure out how I could construct the pieces to be functional tables. It was a lot of work to create both of them. I, of course, didn’t have enough of the organ to only use those pieces, so I took pieces for other pianos that would work for each table. What came together was really quite great! As you can see from the pictures, both tables ended up beautiful. They were so excited that both of them could have this family heirloon in their homes, but in a functional way, instead of sitting broken in a basement. To know that I was able to make something that this family can enjoy and have to remember the patriarch of their family is so incredibly special and I’m simply honored that they entrusted me to create something out of this musical instrument that means so much to them. As an artist, it doesn’t really get much better than that!






Marta is the owner of The Piano Gal Shop, a piano tuner/technician, piano upcycler, artist, pianist, singer, voice and piano teacher, mom of 2 boys, and wife to an awesome guy.