Piano Tuning & Repairtracette

Standard Tuning Rate $100

This standard rate applies to pianos that are tuned less often than once a year, but do not require a pitch raise.

Basic Tuning Rate $85

A piano that is tuned at least annually will receive a 15% discount.

Pitch Raise $160

When a piano has gone for an extended amount of time without tuning or regulating, the piano will likely need a pitch raise. Pianos are constantly going out of tune from the moment they are tuned. With bi-annual tuning, these changes in pitch are not recognizable. When a longer time has elapsed, noticeable changes in pitch occur and the more difficult it becomes to fine tune the piano. Because of the larger distance between the piano and the correct pitch level, the piano must have its pitch raised to the standard A440; then it can be tuned again for more fine tuning. It is highly recommended to schedule a follow up Basic Tuning within 6 months of a pitch correction in order to secure tuning stability.

Hourly Repair/Regulation $50 Minimum Service Charge

Appointments for minor repair and adjustments will be charged a service fee of $50. This charge will cover the first hour of service. Any parts replacement is an additional charge for those parts. A $40 per hour charge will apply for time after the first hour.
This price includes Wisconsin State Sales Tax. The Piano Gal Shop services the following areas for Tuning & Repair: Sun Prairie (including Burke and Bristol), Deforest (including Windsor), Waunakee, Columbus, Beaver Dam, McFarland, East/North/Central Madison and Marshall.

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