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Upcycled Piano Wire Bracelet




This is our most popular item. Each bracelet is made from a copper wound bass string from an old piano. The bass strings are different from treble, because instead of just a simple wire, there is additional copper wire tightly wrapped around the basic wire. The lower the pitch, the thicker the copper winding.

To make our bracelets, we use the mid-sized wire and cut it to size. Then, we unwind some of the copper from the smallest strings to and wind it around the bracelet to secure it together in the front. It’s then finished off with small beads on each end. Whether for a pianist, music enthusiastic, or someone who just loves bangles or copper, these bracelets are a beautiful accessory for both women and men.

Dimensions: Each bangle bracelet is approx 2.5 inches across. Bracelets are not adjustable. They are large enough to go over most wrists and sit loosely on the wrist.