Two Birds Duotracette

Two Birds Duo Two Birds Duo

Duo, Two Birds, consists of Marta Hansen and Clarisse Tobia. Hansen, owner of The Piano Gal Shop, and Tobia, music teacher, composer, and employee at Piano Gal have been singing and playing piano together since they met.

The two enjoy creating beautiful vocal harmonies and arranging songs for piano and vocals. They have a gorgeous mesh to their voices and a knack for improvisation. Two Birds can sing any genre and, in fact, enjoys performing a variety of styles of music.

For availability, rates, and booking please contact The Piano Gal Shop at (608) 318-2677, or email


Dueling Pianos: Dueling Pianos is two performers at two pianos taking song requests of various genres and styles of music. Two Birds provides the instruments, a hearty song list to choose requests, and their own sound system. Minimum booking is 2 hours. For rates please contact or call 608-318-2677
Sing Along: For a Sing Along event, clients pick their theme and Two Birds will provide a fun and engaging set list, lyric sheets, their own instruments and sound system, and costumes (if requested). Minimum booking is 1 hour. For rates please contact or call 608-318-2677
Singing Valentines/Telegrams: Two Birds will travel to your loved one’s place of work or home to deliver a serenade for that special occasion i.e. birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, and more. Rates vary depending on location and song(s) request(s). Please contact or call 608-318-2677 for details.
All other event requests: contact or call 608-318-2677