Piano Gal

Hello. I’m Marta, the Piano Gal.

If you’re just visiting my website for the first time, I welcome you. Let me tell you a little bit about what I do and what information I can share with you. I’m a music teacher, professional musician, and piano tuner. I specialize in used pianos and I do some awesome custom work on pianos, as well as upcycling of the ones that are past their playable life. Throughout the years as a piano tuner, I’ve come to the realization that many piano owners and folks looking to get a piano, know very little about the instrument, how it works, and how to best maintain it. Now, there is a lot of information to be found online on the topic, but unfortunately, it’s often shared from an expert perspective with “piano tech” jargon that makes no sense to the layman. I want to help make this information accessable and easy to understand.

Pianos are super complex instruments that require special care. They aren’t a piece of furniture that can just be put in one spot and then left alone for 20 years. Unfortunately, that’s what A LOT of people do. I’m going to share some pervasive myths in regards to pianos and their care in hopes that these magical unicorn instruments can be well kept by more of their owners. Be sure to subscribe with your email for future posts that will debunk the “why” of all of these piano myths and loads of other piano nuggets.

Myth 1: Well, we rarely play it, so it doesn’t need to be tuned.

Myth 2: It’s always been in the same spot and never been moved, so it doesn’t need to be tuned.

Myth 3: My piano is very valuable because it’s an “antique”.

Myth 4: Pianos last forever.

Myth 5: My child is just a beginner and they may quit, so a free piano on Craiglist will be sufficient.

Myth 6: Well, the piano was free, so it’s worth taking it.

Myth 7: My piano “holds its tune” a lot better than other pianos, so I don’t need to tune it as often.

Ok, I’ll stop there for now, because that’s a lot of ground to cover. I could go on and on, though. All of the statements above are incorrect. I’m going to share the why! Stay tuned and thanks for reading.



Marta is the owner of The Piano Gal Shop, a piano tuner, musician and artist, piano teacher, mom of 2 boys, and wife to an awesome guy.